want more Tender Touches - so do we!

TENDER TOUCHES is a short-form comedic webseries with 12 episodes in its first season with each episode running roughly 6-8 minutes in length. Each episode requires a lot - safe animal handling, casting, securing locations and much more. So far, we’ve been able to make our first pilot webisode (Maniac) and our team is eager to produce the rest of the first season - eleven more webisodes! That’s going to take a lot of planning, creativity - and funds! 


We are currently seeking investors to help bring Phrannie’s machniations to life. If you’re interested in joining our team as a supporter, investor or know someone who might be a great connection, please contact Sarah or Phillip. We’d love to chat! 

season 1 preview.

As the first season unwinds, we follow Dr. Phrannie, LA’s premier animal healer and empath, who works her practice out of Make America Great Again park, somewhere on the east-side. 


For several years, Phrannie has built a reputation by word of mouth and minimal advertising (she does occasionally place an ad in Transcendental Venice Beach) but has enjoyed “tenderly touching” and healing Angelino’s priceless pets while overcharging their hipster and boojie owners…err…”humans.” 


But in episode three, Phrannie has a fateful encounter with an English Lop rabbit, Walter, displaying some disturbing sociopathic behavior, and brought in by his strikingly attractive human, Kenton. While Phrannie usually has a strict “no rabbits” policy (due to Phrannie’s own unresolved trauma involving a rabbit attack in 2012), Phrannie relents and attempts to treat Walter - and obtain Kenton’s number at the same time. Though Phrannie knows that it’s against the ethical guidelines of her healing organization to date animals or their humans, she gives into temptation and has a date - and some harmless canoodling - with the aforementioned, devastatingly charming Kenton. But when someone - or some animal - places a call to NAAHA (North American Animal Healers' Association), Phrannie’s animal and healing license provider, Phrannie is served with a summons for a hearing for violating their ethics - and may lose her license to practice. 


Follow Phrannie and a team of other larger than life people - and animals - as Phrannie fights to save her healing license, her reputation and fight many dark forces that are gathering around her. From bipolar parakeets, to service squirrels with able bodied privilege guilt, to mysterious Russian operatives posing as NAAHA board members, to a talking fried chicken mascot, this is one web-series not quite like any other. 


While no doubt a comedic and slightly larger than life series, Tender Touches explores serious, universal undertones such as loneliness, identity and privilege using slightly absurd comedy and heightened reality as a counterbalance. Tender Touches drives home a pointedly funny commentary about modern, busy, and sometime entitled, yet well-meaning urbanites who through their pets seek to find a better life in a chaotic society where technology and money sometimes replace human-to-human connection. 

season 2 preview.

When we open on Season 2, we re-join Phrannie, now down on her luck, working a roulette table at Lucky Feather Casino somewhere in the dusty bowels of the California desert near the Arizona border, off I-40. While trying to reinvent herself as a croupier, Phrannie will come face-to-face with a service Yorkie in emotional crisis. Phrannie will realize that her tender touches are needed and the experience will trigger Phrannie to re-connect with her true calling. As the season progresses, Phrannie will fight to reclaim her former career and face numerous outrageous and possibly life-threatening challenges along the way.

TT characters.

Dr. Phrannie.

A certified animal healer and animal empath (member of North American Animal Healers Association member since 2009), PETA member, devout vegan and undiagnosed narcissist, Phrannie has been marching to the beat of her own drum her entire life. From humble beginnings in the Deep South, Phrannie has shed her past (and accent) and carved out her own animal healing practice in the trendy Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. She currently lives in an energy efficient two bedroom apartment that she shares with her rescued calico, Sophie B. Hawkins, and her roommate Amber, a reality show producer who suffers from mono phobia. Phrannie discovered her psychic gifts when she was thirty-five, after sipping a bad batch of Ayahuasca, and has used her gifts to levitate her life to helping heal animals. This is her greatest passion.


Deep down, Phrannie is a lonely soul and while she knows how to tenderly touch and love animals, she hasn’t been as successful in applying that skill in the human love department. Phrannie dreams of finding her perfect match at a PETA meeting or maybe at her vegan co-op, and one day starting a large family (an animal family, she does not want human children).   

Bernardo Johanson Rothchild.

Bernardo is a 30-something former holistic animal groomer turned investigative reporter for TranscendentalVencieBeach.com, covering the animal malfeasance beat. He loves a good power point presentation and works out of the back of a Hungarian barbershop. Bernardo is smooth, charming, and dedicated to truth and justice. He shares a strong connection with Phrannie.

Kenton Kirby.

Kenton (35-40) is a tall handsome drink of water. Kenton comes to Phrannie for help with his mentally disturbed English Lop rabbit, Walter, and winds up immediately smitten with Phrannie who returns the attraction. Kenton is smart and charming, and a good person at heart, but sometimes can be overly enamored with himself and blind to what’s going on around him.

Darlene Justice.

Perhaps 40, perhaps 60, Darlene is ageless and a mystical healer of great power. Darlene transcends reality and lives in a transcendental realm of the spiritual. One part QVC make-up and jewelry, one part patchouli and crystals, Darlene is an all knowing and loving, yet formidable teacher and guide to Phrannie. At the moment, Darlene is on leave from her position as chairman of the NAAHA board while she endeavors to protect vulnerable gay and trans Siberian Tigers on the Russian tundra from slaughter under the Putin regime.

Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan is a 40-something exercise enthusiast and former animal photographer. Currently he’s the acting director of NAAHA while the chairman and Paul’s arch nemesis, Darlene Justice, is working on the Russian tundra. Paul desires one thing in life, power (and reasonable tax credits for animal owners), and his dark and evil machinations could be Phrannie and Bernardo’s undoing if they get in his way.

Amber Bernstein.

Amber (late 30s) is Phrannie’s roommate of the last three years and an unemployed reality show producer. Her big break came while working on “Tykes and Tots with Pots and Pans,” a network competition show for cooks aged 3-6, and she’s never gotten over her glory days. She’s recently become Monophonic and now spends most of her time holed up in her bedroom with a bottle of white zinfandel and her care companion watching cable news and cursing out Jeffrey Lord, Stephen Miller, and Mitch McConnell. Her favorite conspiracy theorist is Louise Mensch. Whether it’s on purpose or by accident, Amber always seems to find a way to make Phrannie feel like a failure.

Misty Sunshine.

Misty (late 20s) is a recent graduate of Barbados Community College of Law and is on retainer as Phrannie’s legal council. Misty’s hourly rates rank up there with top litigators in the Los Angeles area, but she’s never technically won a case. Phrannie is currently her only client, and when she calls in crisis, Misty can usually be found vacationing on an island somewhere in the South Pacific. She (wrongly) sees herself as a modern day Johnny Cochran, and often quotes him.

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